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Copy of Washi Tape Grab Bags - Wide Roll Bag

Grab bags are back! This listing is for a grab bag of 21 rolls of WIDE washi (each roll more MORE than 15mm wide)

Can you handle this much washi tape? 

Each bag contains the following types of tape. Prints and colors are RANDOM.
There are no duplicates in the same size, but you may receive two rolls with the same print or color in different sizes.  
More info on some rolls can be found in our main store at 

Type of Washi - Quantity - Price Per Roll
100mm Coloring Washi with Paper Backing - 1 - $4.50 each
38mm Washi - 5 - $3.50 each
50mm Coloring Washi with Paper Backing - 1 - $2.50 each
30mm Washi - 2 - $2.00 each
50mm Coloring Washi w/o Paper Backing - 2 - $2.00 each
18/20mm Washi - 2 - $1.50 each
Die Cut Washi - 4 - $1.50 each
Duck Brand Washi - 4 - $1.25 each

Total value = $46.50 plus $6.30 shipping (USA). 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: The store will OVERcharge you for shipping at checkout if you are only purchasing one bag. I will refund the difference. Please do not purchase multiple bags unless you contact me first for the correct shipping price.

52.80 USD 20 USD