Pretty Packages


Welcome to Pretty Packages! Your home for pretty packaging supplies and more! 


Q. Who are you?

A. My name is Becca Peter, I have two kids and I also run a website about pole vaulting, 

Q. Where are you located?

A. Lopez Island, Washington, United States

Q. How fast will my order ship? 

A. In a perfect world, all orders would be shipped same day! A majority of orders ship by the next business day, sometimes if I have a lot of orders or have a lot going on elsewhere, it might take another day or two to ship. If it will be more than 3 business days, I generally send any customers an email to let them know about the delay and make sure they are OK with it.

Q. Where is my tracking number?

A. Unfortunately, my shipping software does not sync with TicTail yet, only PayPal. The email with tracking will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal account. It may go to your spam folder. The tracking does not upload to the actual PayPal transaction. I apologize to everyone who puts a different email on their order, but please feel free to contact me if you did not get the tracking, I am happy to look it up for you. 

Q. Do you have any trips coming up that might cause delays?

A. Yes! I will be away June 30-July 11 for the Olympic Trials.  Orders placed during this time will ship as soon as I am able when I return. I will put up a notice in the store while I am away. 

Q. I live outside the United States, how does shipping work?

It is your responsibility to choose the correct shipping. If you choose "small order" and your order is over 8 ounces, I will contact you. We can refund some rolls to get the weight down, you can pay the additional shipping cost, or I can cancel and refund the entire order. I cannot cover the difference in shipping cost! Please please contact me if you are not sure, I am happy to help.

Canada Small Orders (8.0oz or less): $9.50
Worldwide Small Orders (8.0oz or less): $13.00

Canada Large Orders (8.1oz to 32oz/2lbs): $15.00
Worldwide Large Orders (8.1oz to 32oz/2lbs): $22.00

1 roll of 15mm wide washi weighs approximately 0.5 oz.
10 rolls of 3mm wide washi weigh approximately 0.5 oz
1 roll of packing tape is 3-4oz.
Some rolls, like the glitter washi, are a little heavier.
Add another 1oz for the bubble mailer, packing slip, shipping labels and tape.

If you pay for Large Order shipping and your package ends up weighing less than 8oz, I will refund the difference.

When in doubt, email me first! or message me on Facebook. I am happy to help international customers maximize their order. 

Q. Do you have a Facebook Page?

A. Yes! 

Q. Do you have an Instagram? 

A. Yes! @pretty.packages :)

Q. Do you have a Twitter?

A. Yes! But not for my tape. Sorry, I spend so much time on Twitter @polevaultpower that I don't have the energy to make another account, but if you ever want to follow an account that tweets about pole vaulting, track & field, and corruption in Athletics, there you go! 

Q. Help! There was a problem with my order...

A. I try hard to pack orders carefully, but mistakes happen every now and then. Please let me know as soon as possible and I will do my best to remedy the problem by shipping missing items and/or refunding. Please note that for international orders, due to the high cost of shipping, I will generally only be able to fix mistakes by refunding or shipping with a future order.  

Q. How are out of stock items handled?

A. OOS items are very rare, I try hard to keep an accurate inventory count. When they do happen, I will make a note on your packing slip and send a refund for that item when I ship your order.